Vapefest 2014


Where do we start.. I guess as good a place as any is to thank all the wonderful people involved, not only the people that attended but also the organisers of the event for making such a fantastic fun filled day possible. Well done! We arrived on the friday to set up our marquee, it went up with ease ( apart from the large rip we managed to inflict on the brand new capri marquee ) and we were all done by 5pm that day.


Needless to say we were pretty tired from the 4 hour journey followed by the 4 hour set up. It was time to go for some dinner and rest so we would be ready for all in the morning. We had a lovely dinner with Simon from Tmax Juices and Paul from My Sizzlebox. In bed by 10 hoping to be bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I was under the impression that it would be a very social affair allowing us to talk to everyone that we have been so eager to meet and make some new great friends… Oh how wrong I was. We arrived at 8am got all the stock and tasting gear lined up ready for the gates to open at 10. Those first two hours just disappeared and before any of us knew it the gates had been breached! We were inundated from the word go, we couldn’t keep up with the wonderful folk who wanted to come and see what was what. Right off the bat our new release Dr Jekyll was being put through its paces. One well prepared vaper arrived at the bar with 6 mods all coiled and freshly wicked wanting to blast through the range, we were happy to oblige.



With the unrelenting crowds it was hard to get time to speak to people, we did manage to get a few minutes away to say hello to the likes of Martyn Parker and others.


Still waiting on some photos and will be updating this with new images once they come through. To finally meet some of our customers and wholesalers was brilliant, to be honest that was the highlight of the day for me. 1 day a year is definitely not enough. Massive shout out to Martyn from Manabush and Leigh from Plumeblu.

So the crazy crowds and overwhelming Digbys love continued and before any of us had even had time to nip to the loo it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon! Time has never gone so fast. I thought it best to go and feed the crew so off I went to grab some hog roast rolls, I had flip flops on, massive mistake, the rain had made the show ground like an ice rink and I’m convinced that I walked the whole way like John Wayne in a desperate effort to stay standing up. I took 15 quid with me, thinking that will get the three of us some lunch, erm no. Three rolls came to a whopping £18.80 and as a result had to borrow a couple of quid from someone in the queue, quite embarrassing. Thank you to that wonderful person and I’m glad you came back round to the tent so I could repay the favour! Making my way back to the marquee I managed to sneak in a few little hellos to some fab people so definitely made the most of the short break. We carried on dishing out the juice and filling peoples lungs with Digbys until 8pm that evening until enough was enough, our feet were sore, our backs were broken and our heads well and truly spinning.  It really was the most humbling experience to meet you all and get to really interact with our customers. Thank you for taking the time to come and say hi and for those who actually waited to speak to us, well, thats just amazing. I also need to thank my wonderful mother Karin and my tireless much better half Sophie. These people made the Digbys tent what it was, without them I would have drowned and died by 10:30 in the morning. You are the best.

photo 3

A brilliant day with fantastic people and some overpriced pig rolls. Absolutely cannot wait until next year. Well I have waffled on a load, if you made it this far through the post then well done. I could write about 10,000 more words about the day but lets not torture you any longer. Thank you and see you next year!