By combining our different juices a cornucopia of wild flavours become available, keep checking back in for future mixes and masterpieces, submit your own and share your tastes with everyone.

Frozen Hooly

A simple mix of Hooligan and Moriya’s Mix, retains the sweetness of the Hooligan but brings in a throat chilling effect of Moriya’s. Mix at 1/3 Moriya’s to 2/3 Hooligan.

Moriya’s Mix 33%
Hooligan 67%


Royal Pudding

Another two juice blend, by mixing equal parts of The King to Mum’s Custard one can achieve a smooth creme brule and banana dessert with a spoonful of peanut butter.

The King 50%
Mum’s Custard 50%


Sumptuous Strudel

Andrew Lovelock emailed in and told us he always did like an extra jug of custard on his apple pie! His mix is 2/3 Apple & Cinnamon and 1/3 Mum’s Custard. Yummy!

Apple & Cinnamon Pudding 67%
Mum’s Custard 33%


Double Custard Spiced Pie

Martyn Parkers special recipe, a super smooth flavour with that slight Apple & Cinnamon kick, The best of both worlds. 40% DMC 80VG   40% Mum’s Custard   20% Apple & Cinnamon Pudding

DMC 80VG 40%
Mum’s Custard 40%
Apple & Cinnamon Pudding 20%


Chris Song sent us this zingy ADV  His mix is 70% Hooligan and 30% Gunpowder. Sweet, refreshing, fruity and his ADV.

Hooligan 70%
Gunpowder 30%



Chris Judd sent in his winning combo,  I’m loving Hooligan and Dr Jekyll on their own but together… Wonderful! I’d say 1/3 hooligan to 2/3 Dr Jekyll. The hooligan adds a fruity note and depth to Dr Jekyll.

Dr Jekyll 66%
Hooligan 33%


King Cloud

Jack Brown has emailed us to share his King Cloud! An unbelievable combo, makes that peanut butter and banana flavour creamier and cloudier with the higher VG content.

The King 60%