What’s in our Juice?

Harm reduction… That’s what vaping is all about. It is a much safer way of enjoying a puff than the alternative combustable option.

We work very hard here at Digbys HQ making sure that you are not only vaping some of the finest juice available but also doing it in the safest way possible. We have worked recently with an established GCMS laboratory to get the Digbys range tested and we are now publishing them for all to see online. Just head on over to the juice shop select a flavour and open the lab result toggle to see the results. We have found a trace amount ( less than 5 ppm ) of Acetyl Propinoyl in Mums Custard and while the amount is so small and does not pose any health risks we are currently working to make sure the recipe is free from this and tastes exactly the same. We are very pleased that not a single one of our tinctures showed any trace of Diacetyl or Acetoin. We are currently getting the newer additions tested and will release the details once they are complete. Be assured that we will continue to make sure everything we do here is done as safely as possible.

Feel free to ask us any questions regarding Digbys Juices.

You can also see the results here